Certificates of Origin (COO)

Do you frequently need to prepare Certificates of Origin (COO) for your overseas shipments? We can help you save time and money on this tedious procedure.

Acquiring a COO that has been completed correctly and quickly can be stressful when you want your shipment on the move and passing smoothly through international customs without delay.

With a COO in hand, all your goods are shipped off to your clients rapidly. Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of international logistics and customs regulations, we can ensure that all required documentation is set up correctly first time, so that your shipment can be expedited on its way.

It’s easy, all you need to do is send us:

  1. A signed invoice containing the details of the goods being shipped, complete with batch numbers and expiry dates
  2. The signed packing list together with a document showing the origin of the goods
  3. Your signed purchasing invoice

With these in hand, we can sort out the procurement and legalization of all required documents, including communication with the Chambers of Commerce and online completion and submission of your applications.

Price start from: € 99.99

Contact us on (Andrew@pharmaconsulta.com) for more info.